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Singaporean Math and Heuristics

Mastery, Not Memorization.

Our new program unveils the world of math in a way your child can discover and learn for themselves. Focus on problem solving over mental arithmetic.

Every student is capable of success when given the right opportunities. 


Singaporean Math is an elementary math program concentrating on problem solving with diagrams and tangible props like building blocks.

Layered curriculum.

Focus on fewer foundational skill sets in greater detail. Curriculum avoids

re-teaching in future lessons.

Mastery through heuristics.

We teach students no just how, but why. How to use critical thinking instead of relying on repetition drills.

Singapore students are world leaders in math.

TIMSS ranked Singapore                   in Mathematics Achievement

PISA ranked Singapore                   in Mathematics


In their most recent publications:

TIMSS measures effectiveness of more than 60 education systems in a global context. Most recently in 2015, Singapore ranked first, followed by Hong Kong, Korea, China and Japan.

PISA evaluates education systems worldwide by testing 15 year-old students in more than 70 countries. Most recently Singapore ranked first, followed by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Timetable and Pricing


3-Month Trial Period.

Prior to the official launch of Reader Ship Math,

we are offering a 3-month trial period at a discounted price:

$150 / hour

We will start by offering courses from K3 to P4,

please check the timetable for course slots.

Availability is limited during the trial period. 

If interested, please call: 3428 8383

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