Reader Ship English Literacy School
was established in 2003 and now has over 14 years of experience in English education. Throughout the years, we have also expanded our breadth of instruction to Chinese and Visual Arts programs.
Our aim is to develop and deliver literacy programs using books and exclusive course materials.

Reader Ship Bookshop

At Reader Ship it is our mission to advocate the rewarding benefits of reading as a personal hobby. We offer a wide selection of books, CDs and workbooks for all ages to kindle habitual reading and learning outside of the classroom. Feel free to ask our staff for book recommendations!

Our literacy programs are designed to facilitate student’s language skills depending on their needs and interest. Suitable for children from Kindergarten to Secondary school. We offer courses in three streams: English, Chinese and Visual Arts.

We welcome any student to visit our language centre for a free assessment to further identify courses we offer that are suitable for you.

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